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Elite Recruiter

We provide permanent Experienced recruiter(s) with all the necessary skills, tools and technologies for recruitment process. Here the dedicated team or dedicated resource will work as your shadow team to support your recruitment process achievement. The team or resource we provide will settle in to your values and process and convey accurately according to your needs with pre set and settled performance criteria.

CV Sourcing

RPO Services provide complete resume sourcing and screening. This comprises CV sourcing from online Job boards, search engines, professional groups and networks. We are experts in using Boolean Operators for better resume database search results. 24×7 searching of job boards, databases fill, forums and other Web groups & communities to enlarge speed and candidate give way. We recognize “active candidates” from job boards and our internal candidate database and furnish you with their credentials. Our Domain specialized researchers easily “Separate the Sheep’s from the Goats” and give you with best candidates for the Job. Get sourced, screened & qualified experts for your jobs now!



Data Sourcing

RPO Services arranges it’s Technical Expertise to scrap data and CVs from multiple Job Boards / Networking sites / Web. RPO Services “Data Source” can be set up to download CVs or Names or any info you want from many Job Boards / Networking site. Our domain specialist screen from site to site, CVs and relevant data can be posted involuntarily to your Internal ATS / Database.

Executive Search

Our Executive search division focuses on senior level positions like President, CEO, COO, CFO, Vice President, Managing Director, General Manager and Director and Lead. Once we have discussed the parameters, we begin our search for candidates with the right blend of incident, maturity and personality type. Our executive search team spends plentiful hours diligently mapping the industry, cranium hunting and sourcing. Once the client shortlists their preferred applicant, then begins the oversize task of reaching out to the candidate, meeting face to face, pitching the job profile and evangelizing the client’s company. Commercial maturity, human reserve knowledge and announcement proficiency are some of the common features which gives our team members a well rounded flair of managing this process with executive level applicant.



Database Fill

Resume Formatting
We offer resume formatting services. Our group of technical writers promptly formats the resumes and put them in the order of high superiority, supported with the method endowed by our clients. Lead Generation Services
Are you looking for new clients? Are you worried about finding qualified leads in new or saturated markets? We are here to help generate you capable sales leads for client purchase. Whether you need to get in touch with people who are decision makers or contact top level decision-makers to talk about new situations. Background Checks
Background checking is a primary feature of talent acquirement process. It is a large and time overshadowing process. Our team goes after the client’s processes to do background and reference checks and can give you the exact information.

Night Search Program

Using RPO Services’ “Night Search program”, you can leverage the 24/7 maintenance for your recruiting needs and raise the output of your team and decrease the rotate time in Hiring. At “Night Search program”, we will be assigning our employees with dedicated basis that will be coordinating with your internal team and supports with sourcing for assigned requisitions and force the resumes to your team before they turn into office in the next day. Our Night Search expert will be going into your internal database or ATS & Job Boards (dice, monster, Career Builder…etc) and use all Social Networks & recruiting equipment needed to basis the best faculty that competes under Delivery Manager directions.



IT Consulting

SAP & Enterprise Solutions
Implementing SAP from scratch, managing SAP post-launch or upgrading SAP can be quite a challenge for many businesses, including the best. We support a business to get the most out of SAP by applying our considerable experience and expertise. The skills of our technical and functional consultants cover the entire spectrum of SAP’s applications and modules. Companies of varying small to mid size leverage SAP with the capabilities we offer. Make us part of your SAP plan and realize key benefits including quality implementation, dependable support and effective extension through upgrades. Testing
A solution is really built only when it is tested thoroughly from all angles. Our consultants have the testing knowhow to put your IT solution through its paces. Specifically, we apply deep-rooted knowledge in diverse testing methodologies, test tools and frameworks. Our services will help your solution have the right functionality, excellent usability and desired performance. What’s more, our testing consultants keep sharpening their skills through regular skill enhancement programs. This makes our testing capability an even more effective tool for your business goal.


You have top notch consultants with you and looking for the right opportunities that fit them?
Our executive sales team at RPO Services will analyze your consultant’s technical & communication skills and market them to different clients. We personally take care to avoid double submissions and submitting to layers. Using out internal client database and strong network, we market your consultants only to direct clients and/or tier 1 vendors to make sure that consultants are rewarded with the best pays. What makes our team different from others?
Simply having a sales process in place doesn’t guarantee anything, just like simply buying and installing exercising equipment doesn’t lead to a chiseled body. Proper use makes the difference. Actively using and a desire to become willing to implement a sales process could lead to more sales.
Normally our process involves the following key steps: 1. Sales prospecting.
2. Qualifying.
3. Proposal/presentation.
4. Handling Objections.
5. Closing.
Teams at RPO Services use the above sales process effectively to achieve utmost client satisfaction for the first time and every time.